Startup Blogs worth subscribing to. Listed alphabetically by category.

Startup News:

The must-read tech news/blog.

Venture Beat
A news site providing insight into the technology, startup, and VC world.

Venture Capital, Raising Money, Startup Financing Blogs:

Furqan Nazeeri, Entrepreneur In Residence for Softbank, blogs about startups, VC and the like

Above the Crowd
Bill Gurley, VC at Benchmark Capital

A Founder’s Blog
Satish Dharmaraj, former CEO at zimbra and now partner at Redpoint Ventures.

Steve Barsh, successful entrepreneur and now partner in DramIt Ventures, hasn’t blogged in a while, but his blog archives are full of nuggets of wisdom.

Ben’s Blog
Ben Horowitz, cofounder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz blogs frequently about startups, hiring, managing, and raising capital.

Both Sides of the Table
Mark Suster, successful entrepreneur and now with GRP Partners, blogs frequently about technology startups and the VC world.

Brian Balfour
Serial entrepreneur (Viximo, reCatalyze, PopSignal) and now angel investor, Brian shares his thoughts on doing it right.

Burnham’s Beat
Bill Burnham, from Inductive Capital, blogs about technology and finance.

How To Change The World
Guy Kawasaki’s blog. Used to be more startup-oriented so if you get discouraged after reading recent posts, head to the archives and you’ll be surprised.

Master of 500 Hats
Super Angel Dave McClure’s blog.

Mastering the VC Game
Jeff Bussgang, author of the book “Mastering the VC Game” blogs about entrepreneurship.

P. Marca
Marc Andreesen’s blog. Of Netscape fame and Andresen Horowitz VC firm.

Seeing Eye to Eye
Peter Lee, from Baroda Ventures, discusses venture capital and investing.

Startup Boy
Naval Ravikant, one of the founders of VentureHacks, blogs frequently about the startup world.

Venture Blog
David Hornik, of August Capital, blogs about startups and VC.

Venture Hacks
Nivi and Naval share advice for startups. They also host Angel List, a resource for helping startups raise angel money.

Venture Sandbox
Santi Subotovsky, with Emergence Capital Partners, shares his insights about startups and the challenges entrepreneurs face.

Who Has Time For This?
David Cowan, investor at Bessemer Venture Partners.

Startup Founders Sharing Ideas, Best Practices:

A Smart Bear
Jason Cohen, founder of Smart Bear Software and WP Engine shares his insights about startups, marketing, and more.

Chris Dixon’s Blog
Serial entrepreneur and now also angel investor

Daniel R. Odio
CEO and co-founder of PointAbout blogs about entrepreneurship and technology.

Gary Vaynerchuk
The best-selling author behind “Crush It!” and top saleman Gary Vaynerchuck video blogs are entertaining and educational. Can you sell like him?

Joel On Software
The spiritual guide of all software developers, Joel no longer blogs but his site is full of great archives about running a software business.

On Startups
Dharmesh Sha, co-founder of HubSpot, blogs about startups and shares his experiences with the world.

Paul Graham
Paul’s essays are must-read for any startup founder and aspiring entrepreneur.
Andrew Payne, successful entrepreneur, blogs about startups and technology.

Peldi’s Blog
CEO and founder of Balsamiq, Peldi blogs with pure honesty about his experience as a startup entrepreneur.

Software by Rob
Successful micropreneur Rob Walling, talks about startups, software and making it happen.

Startup Lessons Learned
Eri Ries blogs about the Learn Startup movement and how to apply it to your startup.

Steve Blank’s Blog
Serial entrepreneur and customer discovery advocate, Steve Blank’s blog is a must read for any entrepreneur.

Signal Versus Noise
The 37Signals blog. Design, product, and all things in between.

Startup Marketing
Sean Ellis, CEP and founder at FREEjit and advisor for many startups shares his insights.

Bob Walsh, successful entrepreneur and host to the Startup Success podcasts, shares his ideas.

Other Blogs Worth Reading:

Business Model Alchemist

Seth Godin’s Blog

Creating Passionate Users

And for more startup related blogs that I don’t list here, go to


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