A 10 Step Guide to AngelList

Brendan Baker wrote a really nice post on Quora on “How To Hustle With AngelList in 10 Steps“. He talks about:

  1. Make sure your profile is solid
  2. Leverage markets
  3. Leverage your location
  4. Be visible
  5. Build your team
  6. Get their support
  7. Get them to share your profile
  8. Expand your team
  9. Convert and exploit your new supporters
  10. Reach out to AngelList
Brendan explains that:
“In the last year I’ve seen thousands of startup pitches and coached hundreds of founders while working with the AngelList crew. I’ve also seen how quickly the AngelList platform improves, giving startups new ways to reach investors with every push. This is about using those tools.”
Read the full post, is worth it.

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