Want to Get Funded? Attend LAUNCH

Startup founders know that every time they pitch their startup is an opportunity to either a) get funded; b) get press; or c) hire someone great. What if you could do all three at the same time? Well, the upcoming Launch Conference might  be the place to be.

Funding for Winners

Jason Calacanis recently announced that the LAUNCH Festival has just raised $269 thousand dollars in prizes. During the conference about 40 companies will have only a few minutes to present their ideas and wow the crowd and the judges. This is how it will work:

  1.  Companies present in one of two competitions (new product or improved/new release)
  2. A total of 10 companies are awarded winners
  3. TechStars will accept one of the companies into its next semester (valued at $118K)
  4. Venture51 will provide $51L to the winner of the 1.0 competition (new product launch)
  5. CRV will select one company to invest $100K

If CRV were to select the winner of the 1.0 competition, and that company joined TechStars, it would have $269k in total investment.

I’m blown away by the graciousness and support of our partners. This event would not exist without the huge support of a collection of people who believe startups should have a free, merit-based event to LAUNCH their innovations to the world. – Jason Calacanis

But, even if only one (or a couple) are the chosen ones for TechStars, Venture51, and CRV, based on last years event other startups are likely to get attention from eager investors (GreenGoose closed $500K, right after the event, for example).

This is Just Getting Better

The conference should be interesting not only for the startups attending, but also because of the man behind it. Calacanis is known for being outspoken and getting into heated arguments. Lawsuits, name-calling, nothing seemed to be off-limits to the founder of Mahalo in his dispute with Michael Arrington. But, things have cooled off a bit lately and some might say that “love is in the air“. Who knows?

In any case, attending the conference should be an interesting experience.


  • When: March 7 and 8, 2012
  • Where: San Francisco Design Center
  • What: Launch 1.0 (new product), Launch 2.0 (existing companies with new products or new releases), and Demo Pit

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