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How to Create a Press Kit for Your Startup

A recent post at the Sprouter Blog talks about what you should include in your press kit. Is a great list of items that you can use for your own startup. Why is a press kit important? It is basically your “pitch deck for the press”, it tells journalists and bloggers what your company is all about and gives them the basic facts they can use to then do a write up.

For the full list, read the post “How to Build an Effective Startup Press Kit“.

I would add to the list the following items:

  • Product screenshots (with brief description of what you are seeing)
  • Customer testimonial in video format (2 mins of someone saying how good you are is better than a 5 page case study)
Personalization, as they say in the post, is very important as well. 
So what are you waiting for? Get started on your startup press kit today!