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Calacanis at His Best!

Vaporware Labs hosted another night of Startup Grind, an event that has grown to hosting over 200 people since its humble beginnings of a handful of entrepreneurs exchanging stories at the company’s office in Mountain View, CA.

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing a fireside chat between Jason Calacanis (famed entrepreneur beste known for Silicon Alley Reporter, WebLogs, Mahalo, and his controversial comments in the startup world) and Derek Andersen (Vaporware Labs). Jason talked about the early beginnings of the Techcrunch 50 conference, his early days at the Silicon Alley Reporter, and the characteristics of a good startup founder. Jason was also nice enough to hang out long after the talk was over and didn’t fuss about being harassed by the mob of startup geeks that formed around him. Thanks, Jason!!!

The whole event was recorded and will be uploaded to Youtube shortly, so I’ll link to it when is live. Definitely worth seeing.

Startup Grind hosts monthly meetings and it’s free. Check out upcoming events at their meetup site: http://www.meetup.com/Startup-Grind/

UPDATE: The video is up, see link below.