Now I Feel Old! List of Young Entrepreneurs by Inc.

As if I haven’t already been thinking that the grey hairs on my head have been taking more space than usual, Inc Magazine just published a list of “30 Under 30“, telling us that a lot of the startups we know, use, and love have founders who are (ghasp!) under 30 years of age!

Some of the companies you undoubtedly have heard of:

  • 99designs (Matt Mickiewicz, 27)
  • Dropbox  (Arash Ferdowsi, 25; Drew Houston, 28)
  • Foodspotting (Alexa Andrzejewski, 27; Soraya Darabi, 27; Ted Grubb, 29)
  • Grasshopper (Siamak Taghaddos, 29; David Hauser, 29)
  • Hipmunk (Adam Goldstein, 23; Steve Huffman, 27)
  • inDinero (Jessica Mah, 21; Andy Su, 20)
  • Instagram (Kevin Systrom, 27; Mike Krieger, 25 )
  • Onswipe (Jason Baptiste, 25; Andres Barreto, 24; Mark Bao, 18)
  • Quora (Adam D’Angelo, 26; Charlie Cheever, 29)
That’s quite a list. Check out the full listing of all 30 companies at Inc’s website

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