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Keep going and don’t give up

This month’s Inc Magazine brings an interesting “How I Did It” story about Rick Smolan, the guy behind the “A Day in the Life” series of coffee table books. After being told countless times that his idea was stupid he kept going until was able to make it a huge success.

Worth checking out. Don’t give up!

Click here to go to the full article.

Now I Feel Old! List of Young Entrepreneurs by Inc.

As if I haven’t already been thinking that the grey hairs on my head have been taking more space than usual, Inc Magazine just published a list of “30 Under 30“, telling us that a lot of the startups we know, use, and love have founders who are (ghasp!) under 30 years of age!

Some of the companies you undoubtedly have heard of:

  • 99designs (Matt Mickiewicz, 27)
  • Dropbox  (Arash Ferdowsi, 25; Drew Houston, 28)
  • Foodspotting (Alexa Andrzejewski, 27; Soraya Darabi, 27; Ted Grubb, 29)
  • Grasshopper (Siamak Taghaddos, 29; David Hauser, 29)
  • Hipmunk (Adam Goldstein, 23; Steve Huffman, 27)
  • inDinero (Jessica Mah, 21; Andy Su, 20)
  • Instagram (Kevin Systrom, 27; Mike Krieger, 25 )
  • Onswipe (Jason Baptiste, 25; Andres Barreto, 24; Mark Bao, 18)
  • Quora (Adam D’Angelo, 26; Charlie Cheever, 29)
That’s quite a list. Check out the full listing of all 30 companies at Inc’s website