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Lean LaunchPad Presentations by Steve Blank

Steve Blank has made available his Lean Startup LaunchPad Course, the class he teaches at Stanford that is built around his customer development methodology, all accessible directly from his blog.

Business Model Generator

The classes are:

  1. Overview/Business Models/Customer Development
  2. Business Model Hypotheses
  3. Value Proposition Hypotheses
  4. Customer Hypotheses
  5. Customer Relationship Hypotheses
  6. Channel Hypotheses
  7. Revenue Model
  8. Key Resources, Activities, Expense Model
  9. Final Presentations
Although you don’t get to see Steve talk (there are no videos), the slides and notes are a great resource worth checking out. 

Steve Blank: Entrepreneurship is Not a Job

Really interesting interview with Steve Blank about startups and entrepreneurship, is a good overview of Steve’s key beliefs. If you are new to his customer development methodology, is worth checking out.

A few interesting quotes from the video:

“A startup is an irrational passion”
“Entrepreneurship is a calling”
“Everything you think you know on day 1 is a hypothesis”

Watch the video below.